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Dr. Mark A. Foster
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I am Mark A. Foster. I was born and raised in New York City and, subsequently, suburban Long Island and lived in several states before settling in suburban Kansas City (1993). Please email me or sign my guestbook .

I have a Ph.D. and an M.A. in sociology, an A.B.J. (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism) in magazines, and an A.A. (Associate in Arts) in English. My sociological specializations are in religious studies (alternative and new religious movements) and social theory (social constructionism). As a journalist, I maintain the MarkFoster.NETwork ™ which consists of 21 publications (sites) and 24 domains, including the SocioSphere ™ webzine and editorials blog and Mark Foster, Ph.D. - A Global Clinical Sociology Practice .

Academically, I am a (full) professor of sociology at Johnson County Community College and a former president of the Kansas Sociological Society .

In terms of my spiritual activities, I accepted the Baha'i Faith in 1970 and am involved in academic Baha'i studies. My approach to religion and spirituality is radical, mystical, relativist, and poststructural.

I am also active as a self-advocate in the autistic neurodiversity movement. You can, if you like, read my personal narrative and visit the main page to my self-advocacy website .

My interests include website design (handcoding), ventriloquism, and poetry. In addition, I operate 15 email listservs.

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