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Real Vampires Support Page
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Webrings for general "dark", roleplay/game sites ok:

Children of the Dark
The Children of The dark is a webring for the people who love the dark side of the web!

Dark Corners
Dark Corners is a collection of sites on the web that are generally "Darkly" themed. There are various areas of interest, such as the occult, roleplaying, goth metal music, the supernatural, etc.

Webrings for general "dark" sites, NOT for roleplay/games:

Alternative Darkness
A ring of select websites with a gothic, alternative, glam, prettyboi, or dark theme or mood about them... welcoming the freaks, goths, punks, wierdos, queer, alterna, fetish community...

Dark Advertising
Advertise your dark site here! Writers, clothing and gear for the dark masses, and so on. Mature, but not pornographic, content. (This is primarily a marketing ring; members may pay to have their sites on the featured stacks.)

Dark Vampires Webring
Dark Vampires is a ring of vampiric nature. Site lists poetry by e-mail members, Vampire Personals and links to other vampire sites. No role playing allowed, this is specifically for those of vampiric nature, or interest in the vampire lifestyle. Adult - not pornographic - content. Not meant for younger children.

Webrings for vampire roleplay/myths/entertainment/humor and other general vampire topics:

The Dark Gods Circle of Vampires Webring
This webring is for all vampire websites, including real vampires, vampire role players, vampire artwork, vampire literature, vampire postcards, vampire forums etc. If it's about vampires, please join us. If it's not about vampires, well, find a different ring. :)

Webrings for real vampires/vampirism:

Calling of the Blood
Welcome to a place where real vampyres will not be mocked, to a place where blood is a craving not a fear, a place where fun means a completely diffrent thing,and to a place where death is only the begining.

DarkRealms Vampire Webring
For sites dealing with real vampires / vampirism.

Webrings for miscellaneous topics:

Unwanted is a ring for misfits who have felt a little left out at one point or another in life. This is a ring for those who have felt alone, unloved or ultimately unwanted by someone or something the world offers. If you have ever felt unwanted and no longer want to be then join and see where a group of unwanted people can take you.

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